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一个名叫格斯(克里斯蒂安·康弗里饰)的鹿角男孩在与世隔绝的森林安居了十年后,而随着“羊进草退”的“草畜矛盾”日益尖锐,负责这一案件的反贪局局长、矍的妻子肖枫经过 详情


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    86 -不存在的战区-

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    少女与战车:最终章 第2话

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    86 -不存在的战区- 第二季

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The world's largest administrative building -- Pentagon (the Pentagon). The pentagon is located in Washington (U.S.) near the Potomac River bank of Potomac Arlington Arlington, America's defence. Seen from the top, the building into the pentagon is, therefore, "the pentagon. It covers an area of 10,000 square meters, building 235.9 22 meters high, there are five layers, with a total construction area of 60.8 thousand square meters, use area is about 10,000 square meters, 34.4 at $87m per, 1943 15 April, may enable, built to 2.3 million office. Building with a north-south large parking, while parked cars 10,000 vehicles. The longest bridge in the world -- Louisiana (Louisiana), Ryan Lake was Mr Lake Pontchartrain Causeway ways (.). In 1969, Louisiana, Ryan lake was Mr. 2 causeway completion, it put mandela Mandeville) and mathevon (would connect 38.42 kilometers across, Mr, Ryan lake, which just eight miles you will only see land, water in the lake bridge over the oversight. The World's largest playground -- Orlando Walt Disney World) gentlemen Orlando ( Orlando, Florida to Disney World, Florida) ($40,000 to invest. Is the world's largest theme park, is the headquarters of the Disney, redtown 124 square kilometers, equal to one fifth of Singapore, has four large theme park, 3 watertown, 32 resort hotel and 784 a campsite. Since 1971, open since October about 1,200 million visitors every year. Here are five sets of the international standard 18-hole golf course and comprehensive sports park, downtown shopping center - combined with Disney and shopping, dining, entertainment and recreation facilities have night, more than 250 shops and restaurants. The world's longest man-made buildings - the Great Wall of China (by) near The majestic Great Wall across the north, it is at the top of the mountains, the total length of 6,700 kilometres, founded in spring and autumn and warring states. It is the history of rare military defense engineering, with a long history, vast engineering, magnificent verve, well known as a UNESCO world heritage list ", is known as "the eighth wonder of the world". The world's largest stone architecture - Egyptian Pyramid of Khufu Khufu (pour) Egyptian pyramids built Egypt (khufu fourth dynasty) LaoHu law second Cardiff's reign (BC), 2670 considered khufu to build his tomb. In ancient Egypt, from the date of pharaoh's reign, for his tomb, in order to build for god. After the death of purgatory The great pyramid of khufu's four cant is on the east, south, west and north, error less than three points, the arc length 230 meters, the bottom layer due to the tower, now penciling limestone shorter for 227 meters, the Angle of 51 degrees 52 points. The high tower, 59 meters, 146, high 136.5 top spalling, equivalent to a 40 skyscrapers, the bottom layer, covering an area of about square 5.29 million square meters. The pyramid of khufu concrete-encased 230 million by the size of the stone, each weight at 1.5 tons to 160 tons, GeFeng between rocks, no adhesion. If these stones cut into small pieces of cubic feet in length and line up, the equivalent of three half the earth's circumference. The world's largest ancient building group, the Forbidden City in Beijing imperial palace (), Beijing, China (also called forbidden palace located in downtown Beijing), and to the Ming and qing dynasties, the palace has 24 emperors of the ruling. Was founded in 1406, has nearly 600 years. The Forbidden City is the world's largest, most complete extant ancient wooden buildings, covers 720,000 square meters, with a construction area of about 15 million square meters, owns more than 9,000 buildings, including hall (also called JinLuanDian), is the emperor's throne, held a celebration and army troops such ceremonies. HuangWa eastward, golden palace, marble, ZhuYing hired DiaoLan overlap, majestic in ancient Chinese, is the essence. Within the past is precious cultural relics and art collections about 100 million pieces. December 1987 it was included in the 世界6大建筑之最:The six big buildings


佛罗里达州迪士尼 世界最大


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